Our Menu choices




A selection of delicious sandwiches 

Tuna mayonnaise

Egg and cress

Beef and tomato

Chicken salad

Sausage roll

Pork pie

Scone with clotted cream and jam

A selection of cakes    


A sélection of continental meats, cheeses, olives, dips, breads, crackers and fruits and nuts.  




Cake platter includes a selection of delicious cakes including Chocolate Alabama, Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, chocolate brownies and carrot cake


Brunch platter includes a selection of pastries, fruits, cheeses and crackers plus fruit juices

Sandwich platter of mixed sandwich's and artisan rolls

Savoury platter of sausage rolls, pork pie, quiche, chicken fingers, scotch eggs and chicken drumsticks

Vegetarian/vegan platters of stuffed peppers, artichoke hearts, a selection of cheeses, falafel, olives, vine tomato and a selection of breads and crackers

Fruit platters of a selection of melon, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, mango and pineapple

Children's party platters of sandwiches, mini cakes, fruit, cookies, sausage rolls, mini sausages and vegetable sticks

All of our platters and made to order and prices start at £8 per person for children's and £12 for adults.  Allergies catered for. 

Dinner parties are bespoke and prices start from £35 per person. 



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